Dog Boarding

State of the art dog kennel facility.

Your canine is welcome to come play in our courtyards! For our guests, we provide careful attention from our attendants, deluxe kennels with indoor/outdoor runs, four clean outside play areas, Kuranda Beds and doubles for pets looking to stay together.

The play yards are designed to allow playtime while keeping your pet safe. Kuranda Beds are orthopedic and lifted off the floor for comfort. We feed Purina EN as our hospital diet.

Why Board with Us

  • Onsite Medical Staff
  • Day Boarding Available
  • Limited Number of Kennels
  • Socialization Without Altercation
  • Clean Environment
  • Lots of Outdoor Time

*Please note we are not responsible for personal items left with your pet.*

We are a Boarding Facility with an emphasis on Quality and Cleanliness

  • Air conditioned in the summertime and well heated during the winter
  • Music is always playing for residents
  • Outdoor pens are grassy and clean
  • Outdoor playtime is provided at least 4 times a day (weather permitting)
  • We supply safe toys and soft blankets daily

Canine Boarding Requirements

  • Current vaccination for DA2PP/DHLPP
  • Current vaccination for Rabies
  • Current Vaccination for Bordetella 
  • Idexx Fecal Ova Parasite with Giardia Elisa 
  • Current Flea and Tick preventative as required. These are required not just for your pet, but for everyone's safety! This is to ensure we have a safe and healthy environment free of disease. 
Dog Boarding