For Your Cat

Our cat boarding is top notch! We have tall condos, a double wide condo as well as a free-roam cat room for your felines to enjoy! We also understand that sometimes felines can be picky, so we have a wide range of diets available for purchase if you can't bring your own. We use all-natural, biodegradeable Feline Pine Cat Litter in our boxes, and feed a blend of high-end foods such as Innova Evo, California Natural, and Nature's Variety for our hospital diet. Indoor/Outdoor cats are required to stay in condos.



Feline Boarding Requirements

  • Current vaccination for FVRCP - $24.00
  • Current vaccination for Rabies - $23.59
  • Current fecal if allowed in free-roam room
  • Idexx Fecal Ova Parasite with Giardia Elisa - $42.55 Other Fecal/Giardia testing will NOT be accepted
  • One Time Medical Waste Fee - $4.05 (if vaccines are given, per pet, per visit)

*All prices are subject to change.*