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Tender Touch Veterinary Pet Boarding

We have a Medical Focus for the Safety and Well-being of our Visitors

  • We employ a Full Time Attendant to tend to our 14 kennels
  • Professional medical staff on site 7 days a week for medical needs and medications
  • Animals that require extra care or medications are welcome
  • Owner and Veterinarian lives right next door in case of emergency
  • We take extra precaution against fecal contamination and infection
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We are a Boarding Facility with an emphasis on Quality and Cleanliness

  • Air conditioned in the summertime and well heated during the winter
  • Music is always playing for most residents
  • Outdoor pens are grassy and clean
  • Outdoor playtime is provided at least 3 times a day (weather permitting)
  • Free-Roam Cat Room, as well as Tall Cat-Condos and a double wide Cat-Condo
  • We supply safe toys and soft blankets daily
  • We can even schedule Grooming and Routine Veterinary Care during the stay


Tender Touch Boarding Professional Pet Boarding
  • Dog Boarding:
    • First Dog: $37.50/night
    • Additional Dogs: $32.50/night
    • Special Needs Dogs: + $5.60/night
    • Dog Day Care: $32.50
  • Cat Boarding:
    • First Cat: $30.00/night
    • Additional Cats: $24.50/night
    • Special Needs Cats: + $5.60/night
    • Cat Day Care: $24.50
  • Birds and Exotic Animals:
    • Care Per Day: $30.00-$37.50/day

  • *All prices are subject to change.*
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Vaccine and Visit Charges:

Pets must have up-to-date Vaccinations to stay with us.

Please Click for Dog and Cat Vaccine Requirments.

Vaccines can be done at your Regular Vet prior to boarding, or Vaccines can be done at Tender Touch at arrival. If Vaccines are given standard visit charges apply:

  • Short Procedure Office Call $20.00, Technician Visit
  • Office Call $25.00, A Brief Dr. Visit
  • Exam: $55.00, Required if we have never seen your pet for a physical or if Annual Exam is due.

Drop-off / Pick-up Times

  • Monday-Friday: 7am - 5:15pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 4:45pm
  • Sunday: 9am to 5pm

If your pet is picked up before 11am there will be no additional charge for that day. If they are picked up before 4pm there will be a half day charge. If they are not picked up until after 4pm you will be charged for that full day.

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Save time at check-in by printing and filling out boarding paperwork beforhand.

*Medications left for your pet must be in the Original Prescription Bottles.*